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The Association for the Advancement of World Coverage (AAWC) is a non-stock, non-profit organization that was created to help promote insurance coverage for all people in the world. We do this by slanting our website to feature educational content on the different types of insurance generally available worldwide.

Across the world, different countries have different levels of awareness and acceptance of insurance as way of life. In the more economically advantaged countries like the United States and United Kingdom, there is a whole range of insurance programs offered to ready markets. In other countries, standard insurance programs like life insurance are far less popular than auto insurance, and you will find that more cars are insured than the total number of people who drive them.

It is this disparity in awareness that AAWC wants to address. The plan is not to sell insurance policies. Rather, the plan is to educate people on the different types of insurance programs available, including:

-         Life Insurance
-         Premium Financing
-         Entertainment Insurance

There are many other insurance programs, and AAWC will be adding more content to this website to let you in on the most important information you need to know.

Most people would rue the expensive premiums they need to pay for an insurance policy. But the fact is, the benefits in any insurance policy is, always, more than what is paid for. Insurance policies, at the very least, protect individuals and families from loss of income due to accidents, debilitating diseases, and death.

Certainly, there are other types of insurance available, and they do not necessarily pertain to loss of life and limb. Depending on the type, an insurance program can actually protect you from any liability as you go about practicing your profession. Sounds complicated?

AAWC is here to help you sort the complexities of insurance programs to present them to you in their barest form - right here on the pages of this website.

Premium Financing - Afraid of things not working out take out take out a large life insurance policy through the use of Premium Financing.

Avoid injury of employees at risky events by taking out an entertainment insurance policy for movie / film production.